The Most Popular Restaurants In Liverpool – Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

The popular restaurants in Liverpool emerge as such a great foodie scene that it can put most cities to shame. Along with enjoying the name it has earned for its music and football, the culinary aspect of the city is also booming. You can devour European and International cuisine at many hot spots, and this list talks about our favorites.

Popular Restaurants In Liverpool

The Art School Restaurant

Address – 1 Sugnall St, Liverpool L7 7EB, UK

Merely a stone’s throw away from Hope Street and Liverpool city centre, this restaurant is set in the Victorian 1888 Home for Destitute children’s stunning lantern room. This area is one of the richest areas of the city in terms of arts and culture. Here, you opt for tender Loin of Red Deer venison or Northop wood pigeon with plum puree, toasted hazelnut crumb and foie gras. This is the place can gloat about their culinary achievements that taste as good as they appear.

Panoramic 34

Address – 34th Floor, West Tower, Brook Street, Liverpool L3 9PJ, United Kingdom

This restaurant offers Liverpool’s all-encompassing scenic views. Which is why fancy grub merged with seriously thrilling cityscape views make this one of the great eating experiences. In addition to the breath taking views, the afternoon tea is one of the restaurant’s most famous beverage. While that said, fresh fish makes a perfect choice for an evening visit. With the changing tides, time and seasons, Panoramic 34 makes sure of the fact that its diners will never experience the same scenery twice.

60 Hope Street

Address – 60 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BZ, UK

This place devotes a lengthy chapter to London’s gastronomic delights. A stylish place both outside and inside, new-fangled European is the order of the day. A casual yet smart setting will serve up anything from scallops to goats’ cheese and from tapas to seafood. On the other hand, deep fried jam sandwich served with carnation milk is a must-have. Elegant yet unpretentiously presented dishes elevate a possibly low-key evening out into something far more unforgettable.

The London Carriage Works

Address – 40 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9DA, UK

The external renovation works happened to reveal the original company name within the stonework. That is how this award-winning restaurant acquired its name. The setting is in a modern dining room that keeps its base on natural elements. Moreover, the well-trained staff takes pride in serving contemporary international dishes complemented by using fresh, local and seasonal produce. Open seven days a week, The London Carriage Works leaves no stones unturned in order to ensure you experience the finest culinary fare from this thriving and varied restaurant scene.


Address – 11 Rose Mount, Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 5SG, UK

Relax and unwind at the only restaurant in Merseyside to win a Michelin star. Owned by Marc Wilkinson, Fraiche uses contemporary cooking techniques to create light and modern French cuisine. This successful eatery books up months in advance and only serves about ten diners every evening. Ensuring every meal is prepared with fresh, local ingredients, it offers its visitors a multi-course tasting menu. Speaking of which, the winning dishes at this popular restaurants in Liverpool include Sashimi Tuna Loin served with tomato and watercress, lemon grass panna cotta and Aged BBQ Beef.

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill

Address – 10 Chapel St, Liverpool L3 9AG, UK

Marco Pierre White opened the Steakhouse Bar & Grill in Liverpool following the success of his London restaurants. This place makes the focal point of Hotel Indigo. Marco is the first British citizen to win three Michelin stars and the youngest chef in the world to receive them. His name thus is synonymous with a great dining experience and excellent quality. A splendid cocktail or one of Marco’s signature dishes along with the stunning new interior creates an intimate atmosphere. Moreover, the menu offers a wide range of conventional steaks that will leave you wanting for more.

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