Indian Food Restaurants In London – A Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

England is one of the most exciting countries in the world and boasts a wide spectrum of Indian food restaurants in London form the classics to the latest game-changers.

The London spice route is hotter than ever with new restaurants popping up and adding to the menu some regional variations and twisted traditional recipes along with the old favourites. For you don’t get lost in the fast blooming city, here I present you some of the top Indian food restaurants in London for spicy food lovers.

Indian food restaurants in London

Bombay Bustle

Address – 29 Maddox St, Mayfair, London W1S 2PA, UK

With interiors inspired by the bustling streets, and famed railways with old first-class railway coach like seating the bar and dining areas are differentiated by station-style signage. You could step in for a full course meal or just visit for drinks at this buzzing spot.

On the menu are a collection of gin cocktails, the green chilli and red onion bhaji fritters, and a trio of spicy duck dosas. From the tandoor are Kolhapuri-spiced spit-roast chicken and a scrumptious Hampshire lamb chop.

Darjeeling Express

Address – Kingly Court, Carnaby St, Soho, London W1B 5PW, UK

Run by a self-taught cook and a much-loved supper-club host, Asma Khan and a team of ladies, the open-plan kitchen may not have undergone a formal training but the taste and service is no way compromised. The menu is filled with recipes cooked from the heart and reflects Khan’s passion for traditional North Indian, Bengali and Hyderabadi cuisine.

Highlights of the menu are hung yogurt and fresh mint stuffed mutton kebabs and strewn with spice-soaked potatoes is a slow-cooked Bengali-style goat curry. On the steel-blue walls is a pictorial display of Khan’s timeline since childhood and inspired by her childhood home is the entire furnishing.


Address – 77 Marylebone Ln, Marylebone, London W1U 2PS, UK

One of its three stripped-down restaurants, Woodlands serves the streets of London with its vegetarian delicacies. The South Indian inspired menu includes light and fine specialities such as freshly prepared crispy vadas (lentil doughnuts) and dosas (flat rice and lentil pancakes) filled with various mouth watering fillings.

Its Mysore masala dosa is known to be the best served dish out here. Apart from this, a regional spicy street snack and a must try is the tangy chickpea chana masala served with a large fluffy hot fried bread called bhatura.

The Punjab

Address – 80 Neal St, London WC2H 9PA, UK

With its feet firmly set on ground of Covent Garden, this is one of family run Indian food restaurants in London that has created a buzz in town. Specialising in standard north Indian cuisine the menu consists of dishes as simple as tarka dhal flavoured with smoky garlic, fried onions, cumin, red chilli and lots of ghee.

Another vegetarian delight is the much creamy and fresh mattar paneer. For the meat lovers, perfectly pickled in traditional Punjabi spices, the Achari lamb and chicken dishes are not to be missed. But what stands apart is the classic Grandad’s Kali Daal.

Som Saa

Address – 43A Commercial St, London E1 6BD, UK

A Thai spot started out with a single grill by Chef Andy Oliver today serves the city in its own shop at the commercial street. On the menu is a traditional cuisine with flavours from all across the country.

To compliment the delicious dishes are exquisite cocktails and snacks that shine out in the shop’s rustic atmosphere.


Address – 5 Stable St, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AB, UK

A meal at Dishoom has been a dream for Londoners and with the opening of its fourth outlet, it would appear the dream is not gonna end up any sooner. No one wants to this dream to end, trust us. Consistently serving on the menu is some delectable dishes with some of the most courteous one won’t find anywhere else.

The restaurant’s close to perfect vibes has made it a buzz in town and as Dishoom don’t take bookings you have make to it early and wait in queue while sipping one of their amazing drinks.

With this wraps up our foodie delight that was much focused on some authentic Indian food restaurants in London. But there’s more the city hides within and once you are overwhelmed with our suggestions you gotta explore out those to.

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